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Sweet and Sour Spells - Large Print

Sweet and Sour Spells - Large Print

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How much heat can Cassie take before she's forced out of her kitchen?

Now that her father has moved in, her daughter is finally settled, and her bakery is everything she dreamed it could be, Cassie should be able to sit back and enjoy her new life as a magical baker. But a string of disasters are disrupting business, her magic is going wonky, and her burgeoning relationship with the deputy sheriff is threatening her already shaky stability.

With her dream life at risk, her magic misbehaving, and a nemesis on the rampage, Cassie once again has to rely on her friends and family for help. But this time, when everything goes up in flames, she’s not the only one poised to lose everything.

Sweet and Sour Spells, is book 4 of the five-star Baking Up a Magical Midlife Paranormal Women’s Fiction series.
Grab a cup of coffee and settle in to keep Cassie and her friends company as they fight to hold on to the lives they love.
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