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Luna's Luck - eBook

Luna's Luck - eBook

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She thinks she has life all figured out. She couldn't be more wrong.

Luna’s time in foster care taught her one key lesson: people only let you down if you let them in. She’s been a loner ever since, and she likes it that way.

So, how does she suddenly have a friend determined to make sure she’s never on her own again? And why does that friend want her to buy a dilapidated garage out in the middle of nowhere?

Convinced that it’s time to cut and run, Luna is planning yet another fresh start when a freak accident drops her into a life straight out of her childhood fantasies.

Barefoot, phoneless, and without a penny to her name, Luna flees into the night. But true friendship isn't easily escaped— especially when you pose a threat to everyone in the city.

Join Luna as she discovers the truth about werewolves, real friendship, and what actually matters in life. Hint: it’s not at all what she thought.

Luna’s Luck is the first book in Mid-Shift, a new series by paranormal women’s fiction author Jessica Rosenberg. While it’s not set in the same town as her popular witchy series, you just might run into a friend or two.

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