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Spelled with a Kiss - Large Print

Spelled with a Kiss - Large Print

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The stakes are higher in real life than fiction. Then again, so are the rewards.

Juliette just wants to run her bookshop, recommend great reads, hunt for treasures at estate sales, and savor quality time with her family and friends.

Her magic has other plans.

The emerging magical ability to return lost things to their owners has thrown her a curveball. She can’t communicate with someone who’s dead…or can she?

As she races against time to reunite lost loves and right tragic wrongs, Juliette is handed the power to finally overcome her chronic anxiety and debilitating panic attacks. But at what cost?

Will the help of a familiar fortune teller, her closest friends, and found family be enough for Juliette to battle the entity threatening her happiness? Or is she destined to be on her own forever?

Juliette once again dives into an adventure she used to only read about in Spelled With a Kiss. Book 2 in the Wyrd Words & Witchcraft Paranormal Women’s Fiction series is set in the same quaint beach town as Jessica Rosenberg's delectable Baking Up a Magical Midlife series.
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