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Magic Hidden, Magic Found - Large Print

Magic Hidden, Magic Found - Large Print

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How much courage does it take for a sidekick to become a main character?

Juliette has always longed for everything she experiences in her beloved books—grand adventures, heroic deeds, passionate love, and making a meaningful difference. She wants it all. Yet, despite her found family, her dream bookshop, and a burgeoning connection with a sweet man, chronic anxiety keeps her tethered to a safe and predictable routine.
Until her life is upended when an unexpected magical ability surfaces.

Now gifted with the power to locate lost things, Juliette's world becomes a blend of wonder and anxiety. Along with her ability to help clients find misplaced belongings, certain items compel her to reunite them with their owners. As her powers grow, so do the panic attacks lurking at every turn, threatening to overwhelm her.

Amidst the chaos, an infuriatingly arrogant and seductive man repeatedly challenges her. As she navigates her own fears and doubts, the stakes become higher than ever. The longer it takes her to reunite lost items with their owners, the more the magic hurts. However, there are ethical dilemmas surrounding the potential misuse of magical objects.

As her internal conflict mounts, will Juliette muster the courage to step out of her comfort zone and embrace her true potential as a heroine?

Magic Hidden, Magic is the first book in Wyrd Words & Witchcraft, a new paranormal women’s fiction series set in the same world as the delectable Baking Up a Magical Midlife series.

Join Juliette as she steps into a world where magic intertwines with the ordinary and dreams have the potential to become reality in this cozy paranormal women’s fiction magical realism story that will make you feel like you’re having coffee with your best friend.
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