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Butter, Sugar, Magic - Large Print

Butter, Sugar, Magic - Large Print

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Embracing a midlife transformation has never been more delicious.

At best, she's expecting a kitschy candy dish, at worst a beloved taxidermied pet, so when Cassie-newly divorced, single mom with zero prospects-discovers she's inheriting a fully stocked bakery along with a beautifully furnished apartment from a great aunt she'd never even heard of, she's convinced she must be dreaming.

The apartment bizarrely adapting itself to her whims and the friendly neighbor floating fireballs in the air aren't helping.

Cassie has two choices. She can hightail it out of this bewildering town and figure out another way to support her pre-teen daughter. Or she can stay and live the life of her dreams in this unsettling place where the rules of physics don't seem to apply, and people are suspiciously friendly and welcoming.

When Cassie and her daughter agree to give this new place a trial run (the fantastic pet shop next door is a helpful draw), she's not convinced they've made the right choice. That hesitation just might cost her the fantastic life she and her daughter deserve.

Butter, Sugar, Magic is the first book in the tantalizingly delicious Baking Up a Magical Midlife Paranormal Women's Fiction series by Jessica Rosenberg.

Welcome to Portney. The coffee is hot, the pastries are magical, and your new friends can’t wait to hang out with you.
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