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Bitter, Sweet, Magic - Large Print

Bitter, Sweet, Magic - Large Print

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Life would be so much sweeter if the oldest witch in town didn't have it out for her.

Over the course of six months, Cassie has gotten divorced, inherited a magical bakery, discovered she’s a witch, gotten stuck in a secret passage, gotten kidnapped, rescued her daughter from the worst of all horrors (
a stuffy all girl’s boarding school), and has made the best friends anyone could ever ask to have.

She’s well overdue for a break.

It’s too bad that the oldest witch in town is determined to make her life as challenging as possible, in the most annoying ways imaginable. Or that a fortune teller has foretold someone from her past is coming to shake everything up.
Standing her ground and fighting for what she wants is not only the hardest thing Cassie has ever done, it might cost her everything she loves.

Dive deeper into Cassie's magical new life as she tackles the vindictive town matriarch and reclaims her power in Bitter Sweet Magic, book 3 of the five star Baking Up a Magical Midlife Paranormal Women's Fiction series.
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