Find the magic

Find the magic

When I took the dogs for a run on the beach the other day, I realized how long it had been since I’d put my toes in the sand.

We live 10 minutes from the ocean, 15 if the traffic is bad, but between adjusting to new school schedules and writing, editing, and publishing two books at once, it was easy to make excuses not to go. 

Which was silly because nothing soothes my soul quite like standing with my feet in the water and letting the sound of the waves calm my overactive brain. 

Golden Retriever at the Beach

I spend so much time writing about worlds filled with magic, I forget that slivers of it can be found in ours.

For instance, this morning, after dropping a way overdue StitchFix package off at the post office, I spotted a new-to-me walking path.

Despite a long list of errands to run (the dogs will not be happy if there are no greenies to munch on before bed!), I went to explore.

Is it the walking path to end all walking paths?

No. It’s just a short one connecting two neighborhoods.

And yet…it was a magical little haven in the middle of a bustling town.

Creek among some trees

Magic is all around us. It's in an unexpected oasis in a familiar town, in a new recipe (like the one you’ll find below), in a small smile from a stranger, even in the goofy grin of a happy dog.

If we never look up from the mundanity of our day-to-day lives, our phones, or the horrors dominating the news* it's all too easy to miss it.

I challenge you this week to take a moment to find a sliver of the magic hiding in your reality.

Then, tell me about it in the Club Brewhaha Facebook Group!

I can't wait to see what you discover.

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